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Generating Innovations in Healthcare Practice and Policy

The Disability Equity Collaborative is the nation’s leading organization providing evidence-based knowledge and practical solutions and tools to address the complex problems in disability access in healthcare.




In an effort help primary care clinics improve quality of care for people with communication disabilities, the INTERACT study is comparing ways to improve communication between healthcare teams and people with communications disabilities.


DEC Leaders is a national collaboration of disability accessibility coordinators and people working in similar roles in healthcare organizations. If you are working on accessibility initiatives at your healthcare organization, join us!

“What the group is doing is extraordinarily valuable. Members have unique knowledge and perspectives to create practical solutions to complex problems.”

~ DEC Leaders member

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Guidance on COVID-19 Patient Visitation Policies

Communication First has compiled important federal and state policies related to visitation policies for people with disabilities in a variety of care settings.

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Health Care Accommodations for People with Disabilities

DEC Health Care Leaders and Documenting Disability Status Workgroups developed this list of a wide range of disability-related accommodations that can facilitate equitable access to high-quality care.

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Disability-Competent Care Model

Beginning with a self-assessment and leading the user through the seven pillars, the Disability-Competent Care model helps providers “treat the whole person, beyond a diagnosis or condition.”

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