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Disability Healthcare Disparities Research

DEC hosts quarterly research presentations that highlight recent evidence promoting equitable care of people with disabilities. Research Presentations invite interdisciplinary engagement of a broad spectrum of stakeholders including researchers, advocates, policy makers, payers, and others who are interested in collaborating in the development, production, and dissemination of research evidence.

Coming Up

June 5, 2024: Access to and Accessibility of Care for Rural Veterans with Disabilities: A Qualitative Evaluation of VA Healthcare Experiences

Past Presentations

Improving Communication in Primary Care Visits for Patients with Disabilities
February 2024

Dr. Megan Morris presents findings from the PCORI-funded INTERACT Trial. The study developed and implemented an electronic communication tool that patients with communication disabilities used with their providers during primary care visits.

Evaluation of Accessibility Accommodations on Hospital Websites
December 2023

Allison Kannam presents findings from a study that reviewed hospital websites across the United States for information about disability accommodations. Discussion includes: patterns in the availability of accommodation information, and the implications for accessibility for patients with disabilities.

Sensory Adaptations to Improve Physiological and Behavioral Distress During Dental Visits in Autistic Children
September 2023

Dr. Leah Stein Duker describes the barriers and facilitators to dental care for autistic children as reported by caregivers and dental professionals. Current interventions utilized to improve access and oral care experiences for autistic children are discussed, with a focus on the sensory-adapted dental environment as an innovative method to decrease behavioral and physiological stress in autistic children during dental care.

Opportunities to work together

  • Are you a health system, hospital or clinic interested in participating in research?
  • Are you a researcher interested in collaborating with a health system, hospital or clinic?

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