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DEC Leaders

DEC Leaders is a group of individuals who work in healthcare organizations and hospitals (ADA Coordinators, Section 504/1557 Coordinators) on disability accessibility initiatives. The group biweekly Zoom group meetings serve as a community – a “safe space” in which participants can exchange ideas, find solutions to problems they face in their organizations, and champion their successes. Subject matter experts are regularly invited as guest speakers.

Our goal is to bring together the people from multiple healthcare clinics, hospitals and systems who are tasked with leading and implementing interventions that improve equitable care for patients with disabilities in their home institutions. We engage experts to provide guidance to members about the current research, policy and practice innovations, and encourage members to take this knowledge back to their home institutions to implement change.

Disability equity in healthcare is a complex and nuanced issue. The group serves to support those who are doing this important work!

Examples of topics discussed in DEC Leaders meetings:

  • Effective communication toolkits
  • Documentation of disability status and accommodations in the EHR
  • Assistive Technology resources for patients who are blind/low vision
  • Service animal policies
  • Identifying differential roles of ADA/504/1557 Coordinators
  • U.S. Access Board Medical Diagnostic Equipment standards

COVID-19 specific topics:

  • Mask exemptions for patients with disabilities
  • Visitor policy exemptions for patients with disabilities who require caregiver assistance
  • Access to clear masks to accommodate patients who rely on lip reading

DEC Leaders members also participated in the 2020 DEC Summit. Learn about the summit here.

If you’re interested in joining the group, please complete this short interest form.

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